MedKit Gaming Mystery Box
MedKit Gaming Mystery Box
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MedKit Gaming Mystery Box

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Introducing the "Anime" Edition MedKit

Finally, after thousands of emails and comments we have given the fans what they wanted. Our very first ANIME inspired MedKit.

This is hands down our most insane drop yet

More Mega Prizes than ever...
New custom box contents...
 A whole new Collectable MedKit design...

And SO much more!

MedKit is the Number #1 Gaming Mystery Box on the market!👑
Each MedKit is filled with Mystery gaming products with price tags that range from $10 per item all the way up to $550.00 !💰 

Custom Controllers, Limited edition KeyBoards, Crazy Set-Up upgrades and tons of more could be found in your MedKit!

Every month we change the entire theme of the boxes so you will be able to collect our boxes as collector items.  Our soon-to-come Collab's will only drive-up the value of all prior MedKit-boxes as they become collector's items!


Q:  Why should I subscribe to receive MedKits?

A:  By subscribing, you will receive a great break on the monthly price for a MedKit, and you will ensure that you don’t miss any of our upcoming box-drops.  Remember, not only will the MedKits contain interesting and valuable contents, but the boxes themselves are collector’s items, especially with our upcoming Collab’s for box-designs!

Q: Can I Refund My Order?

A: No, Sadly we do not offer refunds. Each mystery box contains different gaming products and some contain mega prizes. The only valid reason for disputing a refund is if items in your box arrive broken or don't work. 

Q:  When can we see the design for the next MedKit box-drop?

A:  Check back regularly, and the upcoming box design will be shown on our website.  We will have many unique, collectable designs, including Collab’s, that are sure to become even more valuable than the price of your order.  So, be sure to collect them all, while you can!

 Q:  Do box-drops “sell out”?

A:  YES!  So, order while you can, to get the latest MedKit box-design, with its contents.  With your subscription, you are GUARANTEED to receive the current month’s box-design, and every month’s design thereafter.  Without a subscription, you run the risk that a certain month’s box-design is sold-out, but we will still send you the most current MedKit with your order.  Subscriptions ensure you will receive all box-designs, from your subscription forward.

 Q:  How often are the MedKits sent?

A:  There is a new MedKit every month, so be sure to place your order for a monthly subscription!

 Q:  How soon will I receive my first MedKit?

A:  You should expect to receive your first delivery with 5-10 Days after ordering, or less. Major holidays please expect a slight delay due to shipping providers being slam packed.  

Q:  What kind of contents are in the MedKit?

A:  All contents are quality items, that are mostly related to online gaming, as well as other interesting and fun items.  Also, 1 out of every 200 boxes will contain a more valuable high-end item, worth between $100.00 and $550.00, such as a High Tier Keyboards, a voucher for a PS4/X-Box, or cash!  


Q:  How are Mega prize-contents provided?

A:  If your box is a lucky winner, but if your prize can’t physically fit within the box, we will be sure to give you instructions on how to obtain your prize (such as a store voucher, or online code), or if it’s small enough, it will actually be in the MedKit, itself (such as a pre-paid debit card, or cash)!


Q: How can I cancel my Subscription?

A: If you are unhappy with your MedKit subscription and would like to cancel please shoot a Email to MedKitMysteryBoxes@Gmail.Com, explaining why you are unhappy with us and if there is anything we can to to keep you as part of the family. If no solutions are available we will remove your subscription. You can also cancel it on your own from your "Recharge" dashboard.

Customer Reviews

Based on 191 reviews
Caden Jackson

gave my mom the mouse and she likes it

Jeremy Lawyer
Ps5 box

I received the ps5 box! The box was amazing! Hope the next drops are the same as I subscribed to monthly boxes! Fast shipping ordered on Wednesday was here by Saturday! I would definitely recommend!

Jonathan Maxson
Mixed emotions

So the boxes are very cool. Not going to lie though I was expecting a controller in each box based on all of the advertising was a lot of neat items and desk toys I’m still going to keep my subscription for both boxes in hope that I get something cool this go around. :)

Zachary Good
Awesome and definitely worth it

It's such an amazing product. I have subscribed to get one every month and I signed up to partner with you through your TikTok bio.

Glen Budge
So worth it!

So worth it! I give this to my grandson every month as a reward for working hard in school. He just called me on the phone and said we have to keep getting it that he got over $100 worth of stuff in his box he was very pleased!