MedKit is the worlds #1 Gaming Subscription box! Here at MedKit our goal is to deliver the highest quality gaming products to make your gaming experiences even more enjoyable. You never know what might show up in your MedKit Mystery Box!

Why MedKit?

Quality Is Key!

MedKit mystery boxes have quality products that you won't find in boxes from anywhere else. Each box contains items like LED lights, Computer Mouses, Gaming Headsets, Custom Gaming Controllers and even your favorite Gaming Snacks. Each month, your MedKit will contain essential gamer contents, different from before, and every box is handpicked by gamers just like you!

Unique MedKit Collector Boxes!

Each MedKit is uniquely designed and dated for the month it is issued. Every month's box-design will have a new graphics theme. Our soon-to-come Collab's will only drive-up the value of all prior MedKit-boxes, as they become collector's items. Be sure to subscribe so you don't miss any drops! The ultimate value of the MedKit-boxes is sure to pay for the subscription alone, not to mention the value of the contents, and the MedKit prize give-aways.

What Can Come In Your MedKit?

Nanoleaf, Razer, HyperX and many other big name gaming brands can be found in every MedKit! Each MedKit has a chance of containing a MEGA PRIZE worth between $100.00 and $550.00 ! Items like gaming consoles, KeyBoards, cash/debit-cards, and other high-end items will be put into boxes randomly! At Least, one out of every 200 MedKits will have a valuable high-end content. Buy now and subscribe, and maybe you'll be one of our many lucky winners!


What Our Fans Are SAying About US

I've been subscribed for 7 months now and I absolutely love them. I did get a repeat once but it was still way worth i.

Ryan S.

These boxes are so cool. I set mine up in my setup and people always ask where i got it and what it is.

Lauren K.

Ordered 2 boxes this month and both had different items! Boxes look sick, Ill be collecting them every month!

Brooke S.