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Great experience with one downside

The concept is awesome I enjoyed opening the package and seeing all my gifts but I wish there was an option to pick things you’re into/not into because my box was mostly focused on Pokémon and dragon ball Z and I’m not interested in those things so I feel like I didn’t fully get my moneys worth of enjoyment and utilization of the contents.


Had some really cool items in the box

collectible trio

In april, i got my first medkit, it wasn't and honestly, its not bad. most of the things that you get in the ps5 medkit are just collectibles, but i would say it was worth the price. you get some pretty cool stuff, im about to order my second one, i hope its not the same stuff.

MedKit Gaming Mystery Box
Christopher Shearer

Love the medkit box’s. Although I’m not a fan of anime which is a good bit of the items I have received in my boxes.

I loved what i was surprised with!

MedKit Gaming Mystery Box

MedKit Gaming Mystery Box
William Zastavskiy
Not to upsetting

One item stopped working

MedKit Gaming Mystery Box
Avery Van Der Sar
Alot of good stuff

10/10 would recommend

MedKit Gaming Mystery Box
Eleazar Fernandez Jr
Love it!!

Love the controller 🔥was expecting more anime stuffs next time for sure gonna extend the membership 🔥

MedKit Gaming Mystery Box
Louis-David Fortin
I love it

I love the way everything looks so good and the quality of the objects

MedKit Gaming Mystery Box
Kordae Williams

MedKit Gaming Mystery Box

MedKit Gaming Mystery Box
Yelena Abbasova

MedKit Gaming Mystery Box

Love it

Really good would buy again reconvened it to friends

MedKit Gaming Mystery Box
Gabriel De Souza

the box is very good and even more the things inside I'm surprised with the I win every time I buy the boxes

Best ever

I got a mouse and I am going to but again

It was a great product and everything can’t wait for the next one to come out

Very pleased

Liked everything in it, ordered the Xbox version and got some cool stuff for my controller that I loved, some cool Pokémon stuff and tried gfuel for the first time, gonna order some more in future for my girlfriend and I!

I wish I was more lucky, other then that the box was good

MedKit Gaming Mystery Box

Among us

Pretty good

Came with cool stuff, didn’t get what I hoped for but it’s the first time I got this and it wasn’t half bad so I would buy again

Awesome impulse buy

The controller looks sick. It’s cyberpunk and feels good. And the little trinkets are awesome for a gaming display


Loved everything about it. I don’t know who was more excited me are my kids

It was a 4 because

It was a 4 because on one of the boxs i didn’t get anything that was ps5


what is the software called why does it not tell me