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Medkit box

I love this box money well spunt on it

random stuff in the box

it’s good, but i expected more cool stuff

MedKit Gaming Mystery Box
Cesilia Ramirez
Surprise mystery box for bf

My boyfriend was thrilled with his mystery box and I was so happy I was able to gift him something for his ps5 so I’m happy that he’s happy! Thank you for the amazing service!

MedKit Gaming Mystery Box
Ramsey Gonzalez
I love the Medkit Mystery Box


The stuff I got

The stuff I got was amazing, it was exactly what I wanted.

Great product

Arrive and blow my mind.

Good quality

The only problem would be having to wait lol but it is totally worth it. 10 out of 10 would recommend to the next person

MedKit Gaming Mystery Box
William Lofquest

I bought this for a gift and will continue to get them for others! (More gfuel flavor’s would be cool)

I enjoyed the products in the box while some were disappointing others made up for it so I'd say it's a good choice and I gained some collectibles but I hope to see more good things in the future

Mouse and keycaps were dope but I have questions

The mouse and keycaps were really nice and the candy was great 😏 just have one question if I am to order another case will I get different things depending on past orders witch if I do this company is amazing

Great gift idea

My son wanted this and he reached out. You guys were prompted to reply and send package. Thanks again


IT WAS NICE AND all but the gruel flavor i got was so bad

MedKit Gaming Mystery Box
Dagoberto Davila
Awesome box

This mystery box is awesome thanks for the supply drop.

MedKit Gaming Mystery Box
Marlom Valencia
Not bad

I like the coins they give you. Nice presentation but just thought it’d slightly better but I do recommend, neat items In the boxes


I was super excited bc I ended up getting a chucky key chain in mine and I love chucky. It was my first box as well and told my friend she needed to get one

A must have

This is your go-to place to definitely receive a great return on awesome products.. and with the chance to basically hit the jackpot of $550 prize, each unboxing is so exciting. Highly recommend

MedKit Gaming Mystery Box
Heiyaviah Oquendo

MedKit Gaming Mystery Box

MedKit Gaming Mystery Box

Best subscription I have

This was my first box and I’ve never been happier.

MedKit Gaming Mystery Box

MedKit Gaming Mystery Box
TheGraytestBully on Twitch and YouTube
November 2022 Box

I enjoyed this box. A new GFuel shaker along with more LED lights and key caps! Can never have too many LED lights… Well, unless you run out of USB adapters and outlets to plug them into!

MedKit Gaming Mystery Box
Melissa Messina
love this box

i enjoy receiving the box and love everything you get inside. my husband did this as a gift for me and i love the surprise every month and everything you get is great quality

Nice touch!

Items were a cool addition to a gaming setup, especially the console keycap. The rgb lights and fans weren't high end but great for starters who are getting into building a pc.

Never disappointed!!

I used to have a subscription, but stopped because I'm out of a job right now, but every time I receive a MedKit, I'm always delighted to see what I got! It's like Christmas every month haha!

Box is great

Honestly didnt expect to recieve what I recieved. I was expecting a few thumbsticks and a skin for my controller but i was wrong. I got more than what i expcted and was very surprised and impressed. I will be buying again this is definitely worth it!